Research context: Ubiquitous computing
In ubiquitous computing, users are envisioned as being mobile; any physical object may serve as interaction resources; services may appear and disappear dynamically; user's goals may emerge opportunistically. As a result, User Interfaces (UIs) can not be predesigned anymore.

Research problem: Specifications variability
UIs need to be dynamically generated so that to cope with unforeseen user's goals and contexts of use. As a result, the system under study is no more the UI the end-user interacts with, but the Supra interactive system (Supra stands for Supervision) in charge of sensing the situation, and adapting the UI accordingly so that to appropriately support the user at any time.

Research domain: UIs quality
My challenges are two-fold:
- Theory of adaptation for predicting and explaining the co-evolution between the system, the end-user and his/her surroundings (platform, environment);
- Development environments for supporting the production of innovative, high quality UIs.

Research axes: Plasticity, Creativity, and Persuasion
- The multi-faces of quality: beyond usability, I am interested in the notions of worth, style, and persuasion,
- Quality by design: automatically generated UIs are simplistic, made of basic widgets (e.g., input fields, radio buttons), and thus do not support advanced interaction features as promoted in ambient intelligence. I study creativity support tools so that to go beyond, as well as flexibility so that to comply with different development practices,
- Quality by adaptation: plasticity refers to the capacity of UIs to withstand the variations of the context of use (user, platform, environment) while preserving user-centered properties. Adaptation consists in either remolding (e.g., replacing an image with a text) or redistributing the UI among the available platforms (e.g., migrating the inputs to a mobile device),
- Quality by reuse: software composition is one of the grand challenges. I explore planning for supporting dynamic composition of UIs,
- Quality by repairment: as universal quality is utopian, I explore self explanative UIs so that to provide end-users with the UI design rationale.