Yann Laurillau Yann Laurillau
Yann dot Laurillau (at) imag dot fr

I'm an associate professor (MdC), habilitated in November 2014 (HDR), PR qualification, of the Université Grenoble-Alpes (Grenoble). I am a member of the research staff of the Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory (LIG), located on the scientific campus of Saint Martin d'Hères.

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My main research domains are: Multi-user and multi-device interactives systems, Persuasive interactive systems, Augmented reality and Tangible interaction, Software engineering for HCI.


The publications are available online.

Doctoral education

I hold a PhD (doctoral) degree in Computer Science from the Joseph Fourier University, in Grenoble (France) since september 2002. This PhD was directed by Laurence Nigay, head of the EHCI research team, part of the LIG laboratory.

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