Dimitri Masson

Ph.d student in Creative UI Design


Laboratory of Informatic of Grenoble

Dimitri Masson

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About Me

Hi, My name is Dimitri. I am a 24, I live in Grenoble, france. I am currently a PhD student in Human Computer Interaction.


Master Thesis

In my master thesis I explored how genetic algorithms and Model Based User Interfaces could be combine to foster creativity in user interface design. I have focused on the generation of example rather than final user interfaces generation of design examples. I have developed and evaluated with designer Magellan, a prototype of my approach. My master thesis was the object of a short paper in the EICS conference. click to download the pdf file

Master Thesis Report : Genetic Algorithm for Creativity Enhancement in UI design. click to download the pdf file

Abstract: User Interface (UI) design is an iterative and evolutionary process. First steps require creativity from the designer to produce innovative UI. While many tools have been developed to reduce the burden of the designer, few provide a support for creativity. A popular approach to computer support for creativity can be founded in Interactive Genetic Algorithms (IGA). They have been applied with success in many creative activities (e.g. painting). However, works based on this approach had little incidence in the HCI communauty, possibly due to the poor quality of the results. This work proposes a new approach that combines IGA with model based UI. Magellan, a prototype of this approach had permited to assess the potentatial of the approach through qualitative evalutation.

PhD Thesis

My thesis subject is Methods and Tools for Supporting Creativity in User Interface Design. It lies in between User Interface Design Research and Creativity Research. I currently focus on integrating Sketches in Model Based Approaches to User Interface Design.