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User Modeling for Capture and Representation of Transportation Habits

This internship will be a joint work between the IIHM team and Xerox Research Centre Europe. The IIHM team is specialised in engineering human-computer interaction. For this project, it will bring its background in user interfaces adaptation.

The Work Practice Technologies (WPT) team at the Xerox Research Centre Europe is conducting a research project on Sustainable Commuting. In this project, WPT is investigating best practices by workers and companies for reducing the use of single-occupancy vehicles. The aim is to develop technology that can support those practices.

One need is to model the user, his/her transportation profile, workplaces and travel diaries with representations of commuting patterns. The IIHM team of the LIG is partner of this work.

This internship announcement is for a student who will work with the team on the construction of a model and a framework for the capture, the aggregation and the representation of this model.

The successful intern candidate will work on the modelling of mobility data and the creation of a proof-of-concept tool that visualizes an aggregated representation of those data. The successful intern candidate will work building upon preliminary work done by the internship’s proposers on these topics.
The desired job profile includes very good SW development skills (i.e., can develop a SW prototype independently while defining the requirements with the team) and knowledge in the area of tracking functionalities and sensors. Background on Human-Computer Interaction design would be a plus.

There is a possibility for the successful intern candidate of continuing to work on topics related to this internship with a Thesis, depending on the quality of the results of the internship.


Sophie Dupuy-Chessa :

Eric Céret : Eric.


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