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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

Internship M2 Research: Help Resources in HMD-based Augmented Reality


Interacting in AR with a HMD is not easy. Most users have experience in only 2D interactions, and have difficulty learning and mastering 3D input and manipulation techniques. How can systems help users with this transition to interacting in AR?

Research questions

• Define the content of help resources. For instance the study could focus on providing help for 3D tasks with holograms: resizing and docking task.
• Explore the use of machine learning to tailor explanations according to the expertise of the user and the current task at hand
• Define the presentation and delivery of the explanation (a floating window? A guiding system? etc.)

We identify three levels for studying resources that help users learn new input and interaction:
1. Macro level: Providing help in order to perform a suite of tasks towards an overall goal
2. Meso level: Providing help in order to perform one single task (i.e., a simple goal).
3. Micro level: providing help during a physical action to perform a single task.

Objectives of the internship

During the 5 months time of the project (February to June 2020), the student is expected to:
• Review related work on help resources
• Organize previous work into a design space
• Propose and implement a novel way to present help by exploring a new area of the design space.

5 months, possibility to pursue PhD studies


Laurence Nigay, Andrea Bunt