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Internship: Augmented Reality: Multiple Views with Different Physicalities

The goal is to study interactive navigation techniques (changing the point of view on displayed views) in the context of multiple views in HMD-based Augmented Reality (AR). The innovative aspect is to consider multiple views in AR systems with one view being mixed (a physical object augmented with virtual content) and another view fully virtual. Such a combination of two views with different physicalities is useful in key application domains of AR, including augmented surgery and manufacturing.
The coupling of virtual views is well understood in multiple-view systems [1, 2] and studies already proposed virtual navigation techniques in AR to explore a 3D scene [3]. However, the combination of views with different physicalities (i.e. a mixed view and a virtual view) raises unique challenges for virtual navigation techniques, including the management of visual inconsistencies. On the one hand, virtual views are not directly linked to physical-world features. The scene viewpoint can thus be freely adjusted without consequences. On the other hand, the mixed view has a strong spatial link with the real environment since virtual content is directly superimposed on the physical object. Switching to a virtual viewpoint different from the physical one would create a visual inconsistency with the physical object and break the augmented object metaphor.
As a starting point, two design factors are identified [4]: the coupling of views (two types of coupling: strongly-coupled views and loosely-coupled views), the type of navigation (two types of navigation techniques: physical navigation: physically moving around the augmented object and virtual navigation: virtually switching between existing viewpoints).

Technologies: Hololens 2, Unity development platform


Master 2 project - 6 months

Expected results

- Design space for navigation techniques in AR multiple views
- Design and development of navigation techniques
- Experimental study of the developed techniques


Multiple views:
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AR Navigation:
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First study on the subject:
[4] Bailly, C. Interacting in Mixed Reality with a Head-Mounted Display : Application to Augmented Surgery. UGA PhD dissertation. Chapter 5.


Laurence Nigay