Global Smart Spaces Jamboree in Gothenburg 2002
The olympic café (gloss table) demonstrator

Bob is mobile. So he wants to interact in the small and in the large...

For more information, please refer to deliverable D17 called "Initial reference framework for multi-surface interaction" (Authors: J.Coutaz, C.Lachenal, G.Rey)

Bob has coffee and is sitting, scribbling on the table. He accesses the picture bank of the café and sends a postcard to his Danish friend.
Bob receives a message from Jane.She is stuck in traffic and her PDA estimates that she is going to be an hour late for the meeting
(the metro system is on strikes). Bob tells her that he has just done some sketches of some ideas for their city planning, she can have a look at them in the car before she comes to the meeting.

Pictures author: Clémence Bevilacqua


The infrastructure should be able to:

  • discover local resources (eg: surfaces, instruments),
  • couple resources together (pda, table and wall could be used together to performed a user task),
  • migrate the user interface between surfaces (a postcard could move from the wall to a table then on the pda),
  • adapt the user interface depending on the surface (on the table, the user interface should rotate to be always in front of the user).



Those photos has been taken during the Jamboree.
Author: G.Rey


We made a video in our lab. This video shows some principles of multiple surfaces interaction.The user can use three kinds of surfaces: a wall (public area), a table (semi-public) and his pda (private area). Interaction on the wall is performed with az laser pointer and on the table with the gloss clicker. Following this instrument is done by using computer vision. This demo is not implemented with the I-AM infrastructure but was used to find software requirements to create I-AM. I-AM implements above requirements.

Development team: N.Barralon, C.Lachenal, B.Mansoux, A.Rechenmann, G.Rey.

"Disappearing Computer " behind the scene

"Disappearing computer" is a wish but "hidding computer" is more realistic; just have a look behind the scene :)

Precedent jamboree
Thanks to Paula & Andy for layout images