Global Smart Spaces Jamboree in Ivrea 2003
Multi-surface Interaction


  • To provide developers with a software infrastructure that hides away the management of dynamic sets of heterogeneous resources.


  • User interfaces are distributed and migrate across a variety of interactive surfaces.
  • Interactive surfaces can be borrowed and lent opportunistically.


Pictures author: Clémence Bevilacqua

  • I-AM (Interaction-Abstract Machine):
    (a) supports distributed user interfaces across a dynamic set of heterogeneous interactive surfaces;
    (b) explicitly models spatial relationships between surfaces.
  • Contextors: support the dynamic discovery of interaction resources, their attributes (size, communication protocol, …) and their relationships in physical space.

For more information, please refer to:

  • deliverable D18 called "Initial design of interaction techniques using multiple interaction surfaces" (Authors: J.Coutaz, C.Lachenal, N.Barralon, G.Rey) ,
  • deliverable D19 called "Final reference framework for interaction surfaces" (Authors: J.Coutaz, C.Lachenal, N.Barralon, G.Rey) .



I-AM Development team: C.Lachenal, N.Barralon, G.Rey.

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