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Two-Finger 3D Rotations for Novice Users: Surjective and Integral Interactions

In Conference Proceedings of ACM-Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2014). pages 217-224. 2014.

Élisabeth Rousset, François Bérard, Michael Ortega


Now that 3D interaction is available on tablets and smart phones, it becomes critical to provide efficient 3D interaction techniques for novice users. This paper investigates interaction techniques for 3D rotation with two fingers of a single hand, on multitouch mobile devices.
We introduce two new rotation techniques that allow integral control of the 3 axes of rotation. These techniques also satisfy a new criterion that we introduce: surjection. We ran a study to compare the new techniques with two widely used rotation techniques from the literature. Results indicate that surjection and integration lead to a performance improvement of a group of participants who had no prior experience in 3D interaction. Qualitative results also indicate participants’ preference for the new interaction techniques.