The Perceptual Window Movies

The perceptual window allows users to control the scrolling in a window with head motions. Two modes of operation are possible: controlling the rate of the scrolling, or directly controlling the position of the window's viewpoint within its document space.
The system has been tested against users, it allows significant improvements in task completion time after a short learning period (please refer to the publications at the bottom of the page for more details).
Click on the pictures on this page to get a higher resolution version. Click on the movie icons to see a movie of the running system.

Head Tracker

Speed, acuracy,
robustness... and weakness.
2.2 Mb MPEG movie

Rate control interaction

Head Motions and
Speed Vector
7 Mb MPEG movie
In use...
7.6 Mb MPEG movie

Position control interaction

Face motion range
4.2 Mb MPEG movie
In use...
3.7 Mb MPEG movie


Bérard, F. (1999) "The Perceptual Window: Head Motion as a new Input Stream", in INTERACT'99, Edinburgh, Scotland.
[ .pdf, 56 Kb]
[ .ps.gz, 61 Kb]

Bérard, F. (1999) "A study on Two-Dimensional Scrolling with Head Motion". (initial study, rate control interaction only). CLIPS-IMAG Technical Report TR-IMAG-CLIPS-IIHM-199901. Available in Acrobat (.pdf, 36 Kb) and gziped postscript (.ps.gz, 32 Kb).

The Perceptual Browser. Early work on the topic, the perceptual browser only scrolls vertically. The software (Macintosh and SGI) is available for dowload from the web page.

Many thanks to Michael J. Black, Leon Watts, and Marie-Claude Frasson for their help in this work.


created on January 6,
updated on april 16, 1999.