François Bérard

Welcome ! I am an associate professor (Maître de Conférence) at Ensimag, Grenoble INP, Grenoble, France.

I am a member of the Computer-Human Interaction group at the LIG laboratory. My research interests are in real-time Computer Vision for Human-Computer Interaction, large interactive surfaces, 3D interaction, Human motor control limits.

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Tel (+33)457 421 451
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Laboratoire LIG
Bâtiment IMAG
700 avenue Centrale
Domaine Universitaire
38401 Saint Martin d'Hères

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Main Publications

(full publication list)

In reverse chronological order

ACM/UIST20 T. Louis, J. Troccaz, A. Rochet-Capellan, and F. Bérard. (2020) Gyrosuite: General-purpose interactions for handheld perspective corrected displays, In ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST)
.pdf, 8.3 Mb] [web page]

ACM/AVI20 Louis, T. Troccaz, J. Rochet-Capellan, A. Hoyek, N. and Bérard, F. (2020) When High Fidelity Matters: AR and VR Improve the Learning of a 3D Object, In ACM Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI), Ischia, Italy.
.pdf, 1.0 Mb]

ACM/ISS19 Louis, T. Troccaz, J. Rochet-Capellan, A. and Bérard, F. (2019) Is it Real? Measuring the Effect of Resolution, Latency, Frame rate and Jitter on the Presence of Virtual Entities, In ACM Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS), Daejeon, Republic of Korea.
.pdf, 2.7 Mb]

EBR18 Cattan, É. Perrier, P. Bérard, F. Gerber, S. Rochet-Capellan, A. (2018) Adaptation to visual feedback delays on touchscreens with hand vision, in Experimental Brain Research, Springer, Vol. 236, Issue 12-2018, pp.3191-3201.
[.pdf, 2.3 Mb]

ACM/ISS17 Louis, T. et Bérard, F. (2017) Superiority of a Handheld Perspective-Coupled Display in Isomorphic Docking Performances, in ACM conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS), Brighton, UK.
.pdf, 2.8 Mb]

ACM/CHI17 Bérard, F. et Louis, T. (2017) The Object Inside: Assessing 3D Examination with a Spherical Handheld Perspective-Corrected Display, in ACM conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI), Denver, USA.
.pdf, 6.2 Mb] [web page]

ACM/CHI17 Cattan, E. Rochet-Capellan, A. Perrier, P. et Bérard, F. (2017) Does Practice Make Perfect? Learning to Deal with Latency in Direct-Touch Interaction, in ACM conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI), Denver, USA.
Honorable Mention Award (top 4%)
.pdf, 596 Kb Mb]

ACM/ITS15 Cattan, E. Rochet-Capellan, A. Perrier, P. and Bérard, F. (2015) Reducing Latency with a Continuous Prediction: Effects on Users' Performance in Direct-Touch Target Acquisitions, in ACM conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS), Madeira, PT.
.pdf, 2 Mb] [web page]

ACM/CHI15 Bérard, F. Rochet-Capellan, A. (2015) The Transfer of Learning as HCI Similarity: Towards an Objective Assessment of the Sensory-Motor Basis of Naturalness, in ACM conference on Computer-Human Interaction (CHI), Seoul, KR.
[ .pdf, 1 Mb] [web page]

ACM/AVI14 Rousset, E. Bérard, F. Ortega, M. (2014) Two-Finger 3D Rotations for Novice Users: Surjective and Integral Interactions, in ACM conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI), Como, IT.
.pdf, 3 Mb]

ACM/ITS13 Bérard, F. Blanch, R. (2013) Two Touch System Latency Estimators: High Accuracy and Low Overhead, in ACM conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS), St Andrews, UK.
.pdf, 1.8 Mb] [web page]

ACM/ITS12 Bérard, F. Rochet-Capellan, A. (2012) Measuring the Linear and Rotational User Precision in Touch Pointing, in ACM conference on Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces (ITS), Boston, USA.
Best Paper Nominee
.pdf, 1.3 Mb] [web page]

IFIP/INTERACT09 Bérard, F. Ip, J. Benovoy, M. El-Shimy, D. Blum, J. R. Cooperstock, J. R. (2009) Did "Minority Report" Get it Wrong? Superiority of the Mouse over 3D Input Devices in a 3D Placement Task, in IFIP conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT), Uppsala, Sweden.
.pdf, 1.5 Mb]

ACM/UIST'04 Letessier, J. Bérard, F. (2004) Visual Tracking of Bare Fingers for Interactive Surfaces, in ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology (UIST), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
.pdf, 264 Kb][web page]

IEEE/PROCAM'03 Bérard, F. (2003) The Magic Table: Computer-Vision Based Augmentation of a Whiteboard for Creative Meetings, in IEEE workshop on Projector-Camera Systems (PROCAM), Nice, France.
.pdf, 879 Kb] [web page]

PR00 Oliver, N. Pentland, A. Bérard, F. (2000) LAFTER: a real-time face and lips tracker with facial expression recognition, in the journal of Pattern Recognition, Vol. 33, Issue 8, August 2000.
Honorable Mention winner of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Pattern Recognition Society Award
[.pdf, 1.8 Mb]
[.pdf, 1.8 Mb, local copy]

CACM00 Coutaz, J. Crowley, J. L. Bérard, F. (2000) Things that see: Machine Perception for Human Computer Interaction, in the Communications of the ACM, Vol. 43, No. 3, March 2000.
[ .pdf, 733 Kb]

IFIP/INTERACT'99 Bérard, F. (1999) The Perceptual Window: Head Motion as a new Input Stream, in IFIP conference on Human-Computer Interaction (INTERACT), Edinburgh, Scotland.
web page contains movies of the system in use.
[ .pdf, 56 Kb]
[ .ps.gz, 61 Kb]

AAAI98 Black, M. Bérard, F. Jepson, A. Newman, W. Saund, E. Socher, G. and Taylor, M. (1998) The Digital Office: Overview, AAAI Spring Symposium on Intelligent Environments, Stanford, California.
[.pdf, 217 Kb]
[.ps.gz, 401 Kb]

IEEE/CVPR'97 Oliver, N. Pentland, A.P. and Bérard, F. (1997) LAFTER: Lips and Face Real Time Tracker, in IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Puerto Rico.
[.pdf, 136 Kb]
[.ps.gz, 101 Kb]

IEEE/AFGR'96 Coutaz, J. Bérard, F. and Crowley, J.L. (1996) Coordination of perceptual processes for Computer Mediated Communication, in Procs. of Second International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition, Killington, Vermont.
[.pdf, 96 Kb]
[.ps.gz, 106 Kb]

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On the Web


A library of service for the development of innovative interactive systems. At the moment, only the GMLcanvas is available for download.


Also known as "FingerPaint, one step beyond !" Images and movies available.

Perceptual Window

Also known as "The Perceptual Browser, the Revenge". Screenshots and movies available.

Perceptual Browser

Scroll your windows using head motion. Screenshots, movies and dowloadable demoes are available.


I contributed to the MediaLab's SmartSpaces demo (local mirror) at SIGGRAPH'96.


This system was the demonstration program I developped for the DEA (master), the web page is rich in pictures and movies, avoid it if you have a slow link.

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