The Perceptual Browser

The Perceptual Browser (PBrowser) is a prototype software demonstrating the introduction of Computer Vision in classical Graphical User Interfaces. Interacting with PBrowser, users control the scrolling in a window with head motion.

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As the user tilts the head downwards from a "neutral" position, the content of the window starts to scroll up. As the head is tilted downwards further, the scrolling speed increases. A symmetrical behavior is obtained when moving the head upwards.


The Perceptual Browser prototype is available on
SGI Indy (1.06 Mb),
SGI O2 (1.18 Mb), and
Power Macintosh 8500, 8600 (2.5 Mb).

View an mpeg movie showing the system running on SGI O2 R10000 @ 150 Mhz (1.47 Mb) or Power Macintosh 604 @ 350 Mhz (8 Mb).

A publication about the Digital Office includes a description of the Perceptual Browser as well as our motivations for this project.

The Perceptual Browser was first implemented by François Bérard while visiting Michael J. Black at Xerox PARC.


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created on January 9, 1998 by François Bérard.