Laboratory of Informatics of Grenoble Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction Humain-Machine

Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

05/2019IIHM as of 2019
05/2017IIHM as of 2017

The Engineering Human-Computer Interaction (EHCI) research group is one of the 24 research groups of the Grenoble Informatics Laboratory (LIG). The EHCI research group is primarily concerned with concepts, models and software tools / artifacts for interaction techniques and interactive systems. The core scientific activity focuses on the theoretical and technical foundations of interaction for Human-Computer Interaction.

To know more about the group, the activity reports for 2005–2009, 2009–2014, and 2014–2019.

Research themes:

Somme keywords: Novel Interaction Techniques, Interactive Visualization Techniques, Deformable User Interfaces, Multimodal Interaction, Plasticity and End-User Programming, Mixed Reality Interaction, Mobile Interaction.

Application domains:


The members of the EHCI team are teaching at the University Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and at Grenoble Institute of Engineering (G-INP). In particular, we are responsible for the academic program of the option Ubiquitous and Interactive Systems within the Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble (MoSIG).

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