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Hyunyoung Kim

Former member (Ph.D. student, sept. 2019)

Research interests

I am Hyunyoung [hyuh-nyeong], a PhD student at Université Grenoble Alpes, France. My supervisors are Céline Coutrix and Anne Roudaut.

I investigate designs and applications of shape-changing interfaces. I improve design frameworks and develop physical design tools to encourage designers to create shape-changing interfaces. I suggested Morphees+, a refined taxonomy for shape-changing interfaces. I also look for real world challenges related to tangible interfaces and deliver design solutions. I invented KnobSlider, a shape-changing device for linear and rotational parameter control, targeting professional users such as sound engineers, stage artists, and pilots.

I have experience in research and industry. I worked as a UX designer at Samsung, filed 6 patents. I have been working in 4 different countries (UK, France, Germany, and South Korea), broadening my research perspectives and skills.


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