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CubTile: Navigation and pointing in a 2D space

The CubTile is a cubic-shaped device with 5 tactile multitouch faces. It was initially designed for 3D interaction. In this article we explore its use for navigation and pointing in a 2D space. In this way, we propose a bi-manual
interaction technique, based on the manipulation of two faces of the CubTile, in a focus+context interface: The non-dominant hand pans the focus with one face of the CubTile while the dominant hand points in the focus area using another face of the CubTile. The results of a first user experiment indicate that an asymmetric tuning, with a low amplification for the non-dominant hand gestures and a high amplification for the dominant hand gestures, provides better performance in a pointing task. These results are a first step towards optimal tuning of the tactile faces for asymmetric bimanual interaction.


Guillaume Rivière, Laurence Nigay