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Flower menus

This paper presents Flower menu, a new type of Marking menu that does not only support straight, but also curved gestures for any of the 8 usual orientations. Flower menus make it possible to put many commands at each menu level and thus to create as large a hierarchy as needed for common applications. Indeed our informal analysis of menu breadth in popular applications shows that a quarter of them have more than 16 items. Flower menus can easily contain 20 items and even more (theoretical maximum of 56 items). Flower menus also support within groups as well as hierarchical groups. They can thus favor breadth organization (within groups) or depth organization (hierarchical groups): as a result, the designers can lay out items in a very flexible way in order to reveal meaningful item groupings. We also investigate the learning performance of the expert mode of Flower menus. A user experiment is presented that compares linear menus (baseline condition), Flower menus and Polygon menus, a variant of Marking menus that supports a breadth of 16 items. Our experiment shows that Flower menus are more efficient than both Polygon and Linear menus for memorizing command activation in expert mode.


Gilles Bailly, Laurence Nigay