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Internship: Novel haptic watch notifications through soft shape-change

This internship will explore the noticeability of a watch that can change curvature at the back of its face, using a novel material. The objective of the internship is to experimentally study the absolute detection threshold of this novel form of feedback, while the user is distracted with another task. We will compare two different watches whose back face can change its curvature and contact the wearers’ wrist to notify them. The two watches have different shapes when inflated with high air pressure. To find the absolute detection threshold, we will conduct a standard two-down, one-up adaptive staircase procedure and find the minimal pressure needed to inflate the back surface to be detected by participants while they are focused on another task.

Skills to have and/or to be developed during the internship:

This work will be conducted in the context of the contract SecondSkin.


Céline Coutrix