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Is it Real? Measuring the Effect of Resolution, Latency, Frame rate and Jitter on the Presence of Virtual Entities

In ISS ’19. 2019. to appear.

Thibault Louis, J. Troccaz, Amélie Rochet-Capellan, François Bérard

ACM (Eds.)


The feeling of presence of virtual entities is an important ob-
jective in virtual reality, teleconferencing, augmented reality,
exposure therapy and video games. Presence creates emotional
involvement and supports intuitive and efficient interactions.
As a feeling, presence is mostly measured via subjective ques-
tionnaire, but its validity is disputed. We introduce a new
method to measure the contribution of several technical pa-
rameters toward presence. Its robustness stems from asking
participant to rank contrasts rather than asking absolute val-
ues, and from the statistical analysis of repeated answers. We
implemented this method in a user study where virtual entities
were created with a handheld perspective corrected display.
We evaluated the impact on two virtual entities’ presence of
four important parameters of digital visual stimuli: resolu-
tion, latency, frame rate and jitter. Results suggest that jitter
and frame rate are critical for presence but not latency, and
resolution depends on the explored entity.