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Internship on Creating a High Definition Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display

AR turbine


Augmenting people's field of view through head-mounted displays (HMD) is sometimes seen as the next era of human-computer interaction (HCI). Some challenges remain to be solved for this era to become reality. HMDs need to be miniaturized to the level of prescription glasses. HMDs need to have autonomous tracking that is stable and has no perceivable latency. New forms of HCIs need to be invented.


Current commercial Augmented Reality (AR) HMD don't provide stable and fast enough tracking to create a faithful augmentation of users' field of view. Hence, all usability evaluations of novel HCI are polluted with technical limitations: are the problems arising from a non-optimal HCI or from the imperfect augmentation?

Our research group has a high-resolution visual tracking system (Optitrack) and large field of view see-through HMDs (Meta-2). The built-in tracking system of the HMD can be replaced by the high-quality external tracking system. This should provide a notable improvement of the perceived augmentation, and thus to allow more accurate evaluations of the usability of novel HCI for AR HMDs.

Objective of the internship

The intern will be in charge of creating a calibration procedure and a software to allow the development of high-quality AR application with the Meta-2 HMD and Optitrack visual tracking. This includes:


François Bérard


Ce travail s'effectuera dans le cadre du projet Anat2020.


François Bérard