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Study of the Effect of the Directness of the Interaction on Novice Users When Drawing Straight Lines

In IHM'15. pages 14:1--14:7. 2015.

Élisabeth Rousset, François Bérard, Michael Ortega


Pen-enabled devices are widely used in computer graphics.
Some artists use direct devices (interactive pen displays) whereas others use indirect devices (graphics tablets) and this applies to both professionals and hobbyists.
In this paper we studied how indirect pen-enabled devices affect drawing performance compared to their direct counter-parts for novice users. We also studied the influence of gain for indirect pen-enabled devices. We considered no gain (i.e. C/D=1), a homogenous gain (gain=2 on both the x and y axes) and a heterogenous gain (gain=2 on the x axis and gain=1 on the y axis).
Results indicate that drawing performance and quality decreased with indirectness and with both homogeneous and heterogeneous gains. In addition, we conducted a qualitative study showing that participants preferred direct devices.