Céline Coutrix

Human-Computer Interaction: Software Engineering & Interaction Design


Molecular interfaces, reconfigurable interfaces made of small elements
CHI'19 PickCells long paper, EICS'21 Taxonomy long paper, ICMI'21 Size of modules long paper, TEI'23 Shape and Strength of modules long paper

Tactile Sliders

Tactile Sliders, sliders with tactile information
IHM'19 long paper


ExpanDial, a height- an diameter-changing dial
DIS'19 long paper, Building instructions


WiBend, a technique based on Wi-Fi signals to sense deformation of passive surfaces
ICMI'19 long paper

Split Slider

SplitSlider, a tangible interface to input uncertainty
TEI'19 Work-in-Progress, Interact'19 long paper


Morphees+, a collection of everyday reconfigurable objects, and a new version on the Shape Resolution Taxonomy
CHI'18 long paper, CHI'16 workshop, Collection of everyday reconfigurable objects


Deformable Mobile Sliders, tangible sliders that can change shape to ease interaction on a mobile device
IHM'16 long paper, IHM'17 long paper, AVI'18 long paper


KnobSlider, a deformable tangible device that can switch between a knob and a slider
IHM'16 long paper, CHI'18 long paper, iROS'18 workshop, Instructions to make a KnobSlider, Frontiers in Robotics and AI journal paper, IHM'19 paper on the benefit of each shape depending on the visual task


OctoPocus3D, a system to guide 3D gestures
AVI'16 long paper


Emergeables, deformable displays for continuous eyes-free mobile interaction
CHI'16 long paper, Mobile HCI'17 short paper

Design Space

Design Space for 3D, in-air gestures guidance
EICS'15 long paper, EICS'15 demo paper

Zoomable Tangible Slider

Zoomable Tangible Slider, a tangible slider that can be zoom in/out in motor and visual space in order to balance between performance and minimum size.
INTERACT'15 long paper

Affective Mobile Gesturing

Affective Gestures, a study showing to which extent we can identify the emotion a user is explicitly expressing through 2D and 3D gestures.
Ubicomp'12 long paper

Pointing in the Physical World

EDIM/P2Roll/P2Slide, interaction techniques for pointing at augmented physical targets.
DIS'12 workshop paper on Designing Interactive Ligthing, EICS'13 long paper, MobileHCI'13 long paper

Pori Jazz Wall

JatsiTatsi (JazzTouch), a large multitouch wall dedicated to Pori Jazz Festival 2010 for users to have fun & browse large content.
DPPI'11 long paper, Eurovis 2010 paper, EuroVis 2010 video, EuroVis 2010 poster

The Common Touch

The Common Touch, a touchable wall exploiting engagement and affective input of the audience. More...
Pervasive 2010 Workshop paper on Designing for Crowds, C5 long paper


Euclide, Affective & collective multimodal interaction in a science museum.
Ubicomp'09 Demonstration, NordiCHI'10 long paper


OP toolkit, software tool for the rapid prototyping of mixed physical-digital objects, based on Qt. Used for the software development of ORBIS & Roam, two mixed systems. More...
INTERACT'11 long paper, Ph.D. thesis, OP Documentation


Mixed Interaction Model, conceptual design tool for exploring systematically the design space of mixed reality interfaces. Used for the design of razzle, playground, Snap2Play, ORBIS, Roam & more.
Ph.D. thesis, AVI'08 short paper, Engineering of Mixed Systems Book Chapter, IHM'07 long paper, AVI'06 long paper, TEI'13 Work-in-Progress

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek, ambiguous hide & show game on iPhone or iPod touch. More...
→ Exhibited at Pixelache 2010, festival of electronic art and subcultures in Helsinki


Roam, recording device for travelers that does not require the user's attention.
Engineering of Mixed Systems Book Chapter

Waiting Room

Waiting Room, pouch for mobile phones preserving imaginary waiting & excitement. More...


Orbis, object for browsing personal pictures.
AVI'08 short paper


Snap2Play, mixed reality game on mobile phone.
MobileHCI'08 short paper, The Visual Computer Journal paper, MMM'08 long paper

Playground Picture

Playground, interactive installation conveying social dimension and frustration of game. More...
→ Exhibited in March 2007 at DuBellay Gallery in Mont-Saint-Aignan (76), France in a collective exhibition

RAZZLE picture

RAzzle, augmented reality multimodal mobile game.
AVI'06 long paper, UBIMOB'06 long paper, UBIMOB'05 long paper

Passages Picture

Passages, interactive installation that allows passers-by to approach closely to the interaction surface and to touch the silhouettes of their remote counterparts. More...