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ANR contract, déc. 2008 - déc. 2011

Service Continuity in ubiquitous and mobilecomputing

CONTINUUM addresses the problem of service continuity within the long-term vision of ambient intelligence. The scientific objective of CONTINUUM is to define the theoretical models that will support service continuity for mobile users. A core problem is to achieve software adaptation to a variety of resources in dynamic and heterogeneous environments with an appropriate balance between system autonomy and human control. Three key scientific issues will be addressed: context management and awareness, semantic heterogeneity, and human control versus system autonomy. The technical results of CONTINUUM will include a generic service-oriented software infrastructure that will support the dynamic adaptation of interactive systems to guarantee service continuity in the presence of changes in context (e.g., coupling and decoupling interaction resources, state changes of the physical environment, shifts in users' activities). Mechanisms will be embedded in the software infrastructure and novel interaction techniques will be designed to allow end-users to control and understand the adaptation process. The originality of the project is three-fold: (1) Genericity of models that will be able to address the adaptation of application-oriented services as well as that of their user interface (UI) (whereas in the state-of-the-art, adaptation is addressed either for the application-oriented services or for their UI portion, but not for both); (2) Balance between human control and system autonomy (as opposed to autonomous systems that tend to take users out of the loop, with the risk of adapting the system inappropriately) ; (3) Semantic alignment between heterogeneous representations of software components and services (whereas most projects rely on unique shared dedicated ontologies).


Gaëlle Calvary, Joëlle Coutaz


I3S (équipe Rainbow) Univ. Nice,
LIG (équipes Hadas et IIHM) UJF -Grenoble,
Lyonnaise des Eaux,
Suez Environnement