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Engineering Human-Computer Interaction
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Suivi de la tête de l'utilisateur

CARNOT LSI contract, jan. 2012 - fév. 2013

Userʼs Point of View for Interaction

We study interaction modalities for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) that rely on a camera-based head tracking. This technique defines new possibilities for input and output interaction. For output, by computing the position of the device according to the user’s head, it is for example possible to realistically control the viewpoint on a 3D scene (Head-Coupled Perspective, HCP). This technique improves the output interaction bandwidth by enhancing the depth perception and by allowing the visualization of large workspaces (virtual window). For input, head movement can be used as a means of interacting with a mobile device. Moreover such an input modality does not require any additional sensor except the built-in front-facing camera.
The project aims at defining a development kit dedicated to modalities based on camera-based head tracking.


Laurence Nigay, Matthieu Langet