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Engineering Human-Computer Interaction
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MSTIC UJF contract, mars 2012 - fév. 2014

Tangible Interaction based on Gesture REcognition

The TIGRE project focuses on tangible interaction based on gesture recognition to address the convergence of the digital and physical worlds. We consider hand gestures and forearm muscle actions to grasp, to carry and to put down real-world objects in order to create new interaction techniques, recently named muscle-computer interaction (muCI). We plan to perform gesture recognition by using electrical signals travelling through the nerves and the muscles recorded on the surface of the skin. These signals constitute the so-called EMG signal (ElectroMyoGraphy).

From a HCI point of view, expected results are new interaction techniques based on richer interaction languages integrating gestures dedicated to the manipulation of physical objects. We chose to extend the works done by Benko et al. [Benko 2009] as a starting point. From a biomechanical point of view, this project addresses new and ambitious scientific challenges. The aim is to provide a robust acquisition technology associated to an appropriated EMG signal processing, based on the use of EMG network sensors (localisation on the skin, tolerance in wrong positioning, optimal number of electrodes) in order to improve the time delay of detection for the separation and the classification of different hand gestures.


Yann Laurillau, Franck Tarpin-Bernard


GIPSA-lab (équipe SAIGA)