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Équipe Ingénierie de l'Interaction

Franck Tarpin-Bernard

Former member (Professor, sept. 2016)

Research interests

My current works are at the junction of Human-Computer Interaction and e-learning. My main goals are to provide models, methods and tools for building, implementing and evaluating at lower costs applications that are adaptive and/or adaptable to multiple contexts of use. The high variety of interaction devices, users and environments implies to support multiple levels of adaptation. These works have generated first significant results concerning new classification and analysis tools, design and implementation processes, instrumentalization of models, specific adaptation algorithms, including ones relying on cognitive profile of users, but also methods to quantify and characterize adaptations.

I mainly apply my research to Serious Games field (interactive environments mixing advantages of e-learning and video games) where interaction plays a key role. Specifically, I am specialized in brain training software (stimulation, remediation and rehabilitation) for either mass-market applications or professionals.

Since 2009, I also work on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI). I experiment non invasive BCI with an interactional point of view (types of possible interactions, usability, cognitive overload, etc.) with OpenViBE framework or with SDK provided by headsets.


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