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De l’impersonnel au personnel, du pérenne à l’éphémère : retours d'expérience de Cocoon - Vive les arbres de vie

In Conférence francophone en Interaction Homme-Machine (ErgoIHM) . pages 137-144. 2012.

Fatoumata Camara, Gaëlle Calvary, Rachel Demumieux


This paper deals with context-aware mobile information systems. From an analysis of the information delivered by such systems, it proposes the PIPE (Personal, Impersonal, Perennial, Ephemeral) taxonomy, and characterizes 9 systems accordingly. This shows that focus has been set on impersonal information (museums, restaurants, music, etc.) so far while neglecting personal information related to individuals’ life stories and contexts. This motivated the design, implementation and evaluation of Cocoon, a context-aware information system that fully covers the PIPE taxonomy. Evaluation shows that personal information is more important to users than impersonal information. However, as there is currently no source for personal information, the paper proposes the concept of Life Trees.