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Mastering Model Driven Engineering complexity by interactive visualization

In Revue des sciences et technologies de l’information. In série technique et science informatique 35(2). pages 175-202. 2016.

Mufida Miratul-Khusna, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa, Gaëlle Calvary


Model Driven Engineering (MDE) can play an important role for the design of ap- plications in many domains. Its principles that are separations of concerns, capitalisation of knowledge thanks to models, meta models, and transformations, are well accepted today. Then the approach becomes a good candidate for scaling up to more complex applications. However the use of model driven engineering puts people in front of a new problem, which is mastering the complexity of many and possibly big models. The paper presents MoVi (Model Visualiza- tion) an interactive environment as a proof-of-concept that investigates model exploration by processing models as data. It is illustrated with models taken from the Human Computer Inter- action domain.