GML : a toolkit for next-generation interactive applications

What is GML ?

The GML toolkit offers a number of modern services to developers of interactive applications, such as multi-finger input, head tracking.

Read more about the GML toolkit or learn how to use GML.

Getting GML

The GML services for Linux and Mac OS X (binaries and source) are freely available from the downloads page.

Project status

GML has been a research project for 10 years.

However, it has only recently become public, and the documentation is still young.

Please feel free to report any bugs and remarks to the authors.


In the Vision Services section, we describe how to use the components that allow for vision-based user input inside your applications.

In the Developer documentation section, you'll find the technicalities for developers who would like to use the toolkit to build applications and components (Tcl/Tk API and Scripts Library), access the lower-level services, or extend GML (C/C++ API).