Class Hierarchy

This page list all the classes available from the GML Scripts library, in roughly alphabetical order.

gmlAnimator Impements the gmlAnimator class, objects of this class animate a numerical parameter over time.
gmlApp Abstract class for applications that instanciate GML services.
gmlAttachableItem GL canvas items that can be attached to handles. At most one binding can be created for each pointer-item pair.
gmlAttachableItemManager Manage a federation of attachable GL canvas items.
gmlCanvasPointSelector A tool to let the user select points on a widget.
gmlCanvasPointer Displays pointer widgets on a GL canvas.
gmlColorTracker Track objects based on a color model in a video stream.
gmlConfigurable Interface class for objects that are configurable 'a la Tk', i.e. using the configure and cget methods.
gmlDocGenerator A class to generate documentation for all of the GML Script Library.
gmlEventSource Clients of gmlEventSource objects can "bind" and "unbind" script to events.
gmlFingerTracker Track fingertips in a video stream.
gmlFingerTrackerSimpleAdapter A client service that manages the connection to a finger tracker and simplified calibration service.
gmlGLAnimator Manage smooth animated transitions between geometric transformations.
gmlImageSourceChannel XXX unfinished Specialized channel services using a streaming frame grabber service as input.
gmlMessageChannel XXX unfinished Specialized channel services using a streaming frame grabber service as input.
gmlMessageTransportLocal Exchange data with one or several in the local interpreter.
gmlMessageTransportTCP Exchange messages with one or several peers on the network, using a TCP connection.
gmlMessageTransportUDP Exchange data with one or several peers on the network, using a UDP socket.
gmlNetworkCamControl A synchronous driver for the SONY EVID-30(31)(P) and EVID-100(P) pan / tilt / zoom video camera unit.
gmlNetworkCamControlSurface Control a pan-tilt-zoom camera to aim at specific area of the surface.
gmlNetworkMessageManager Objects that manage packing outgoing message and unpacking incoming messages, using a TCP or UDP socket.
gmlOptionParser Defines the "gmlOptionParser_parse" function and the "gmlOptionParser" class.
gmlPointerManager Accept events from multiple pointer devices, generate events for multiple pointers.
gmlPointerServer Grabs mouse events from local computer, sends them to a remote gmlPointerManager.
gmlSensitiveWidget GUI buttons that triggers using a hysteresis filter.
gmlSerialServer Accept socket connections to be piped on a serial channel.
gmlService Encapsulate a BIP service.
gmlServiceCache Maintain a cache of all services available on the network.
gmlServiceCalibration Manage 2D-2D geometric calibration for a client.
gmlServiceCamControl Provide a service interface to the camera control facility.
gmlServiceChannel Represent a channel used in a gmlService: takes care of I/O enforcement and automatic connections and reconnections to peers.
gmlServiceColorTracker Color-based tracker service.
gmlServiceDisplay Exectute remote drawing commands on a given canvas.
gmlServiceFinder TODO fix this so it is a service finder, not a channel finder possibly also create service proxy objects...
gmlServiceFingerTracker Finger tracker service.
gmlServiceGrabber Frame grabber service.
gmlServiceKeyGrabber Keylogging grabber service.
gmlServiceOfflineGrabber Frame grabber service.
gmlServiceSimpleCalibration Manage automatic 2D-2D geometric calibration for exactly one client.
gmlServiceStriplet Observe "striplets" (occludable pseudo-widgets) in a scene and report partial occlusion events.
gmlServiceSurfaceScanner Provide a service interface to the surface capture facility.
gmlServiceTrackerFilter Filters a multi-pointer tracking service so only one pointer is used.
gmlServiceUsingGrabber Interface for services using a streaming frame grabber service as input.
gmlServicesMonitor A widget that displays a gmlServiceMonitor pane for every service object found in the interpreter.
gmlToplevel A toplevel-like Tk widget that can be configured with options (instead of wm calls) and which size and position can be made persitent in a file.
gmlVisionBackgroundModel Maintain a model of a static scene's background.
gmlVisionBlinkDetector Detect eye blinks in a video stream.
gmlVisionCalibrator Manages 2D-2D calibration between a fixed video camera and a display surface.
gmlVisionColorModel Maintain a model of colored pixels, and provide means to compute a map of distances between an input image an the model.
gmlVisionCorrelationTracker Track a reference image in a video stream using normalized cross-correlation.
gmlVisionOfflineGrabber Virtual grabber objects that provide successive frames from an image sequence, like a gmlGrabber.
gmlVisionProjector Objects that manage projective transformations between two sets of coordinates.
gmlVisionSimpleCalibrator Manages 2D-2D calibration between a fixed video camera and a display surface.
gmlVisionSurfaceScanner Numerize physical informations on an augmented surface.
gmlWidgetFrequencyMonitor Toplevel that displays the video from a gmlGrabber.
gmlWidgetFullScreen Borderless, full-screen toplevel window.
gmlWidgetGrabberChooser A widget to let the user select one of several available cameras.
gmlWidgetGrabberMonitor Toplevel that displays the video from a gmlGrabber.
gmlWidgetHistogramCanvas An histogram-displaying canvas associated to a histogram.
gmlWidgetImageCanvas A gmlCanvas with a background image.
gmlWidgetLoadMonitor Widget that displays the current system load graphically.
gmlWidgetPDFViewer Mega-widget used to browse PDF documents.
gmlWidgetTimeGraph Widget that displays the evolution of a numeric variable.