Index of Files

gml_ImageDifferences.tcl Locate regions that differ between two images.
gml_BitmapUtilities.tcl Various high-level bitmap manipulation procedures.
gml_PortBroker.tcl Repository for well-known services and port numbers.
gml_ServiceChannel.tcl Represent a channel used in a gmlService: takes care of I/O enforcement and automatic connections and reconnections to peers.
gml_Animator.tcl Impements the gmlAnimator class, objects of this class animate a numerical parameter over time.
gml_Calibrator.tcl Manages 2D-2D calibration between a fixed video camera and a display surface.
gml_PointerManager.tcl Accept events from multiple pointer devices, generate events for multiple pointers.
gml_General.tcl Miscellaneaous utility functions.
gml_OptionParser.tcl Defines the "gmlOptionParser_parse" function and the "gmlOptionParser" class.
gml_TraceMethod.tcl Manage a window that displays a browsable, timestamped list of past traces.
gml_TkError.tcl Manage a window that displays the past errors in a non-modal fashion.
gml_Configurable.tcl Interface class for objects that are configurable 'a la Tk', i.e. using the configure and cget methods.
gml_CamControl.tcl A synchronous driver for the SONY EVID-30(31)(P) and EVID-100(P) pan / tilt / zoom video camera unit.
gml_Math.tcl Various math-related procedures.
gml_Geometry.tcl General use geometric functions.
gml_ServiceCache.tcl Maintain a cache of all services available on the network.
gml_Object.tcl Implements an object mechanism in Tcl.